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About Mother Of Reptiles - M.O.R.

Aanii! Hello!

Mother Of Reptiles LLC began with the creation of our wholeprey sausages, used for our own kept monitor species, in an effort to combat obesity from rodent feeding and to diversify the diet. Minimizing prey handling and storage was important to make keeping a diverse diet more manageable. Seeing this as a need also for other keepers, we have made these available to reptile keepers throughout the US.

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Giving Back...

Our Future...

...Mother Of Reptiles LLC's mission is to provide options of wholeprey reptile diets in a more manageable form for the keeper while making a nutritional and varied food source more readily available, bringing high quality ingredients to the every day keeper.

...Mother of Reptiles(M.O.R.) is devoted to adding valuable data back to the reptile industry. Through our Research & Development projects, we aim to work with other facilities and groups to expand and mature the understanding of reptiles diets as well as overall care.

M.O.R. contributes a significant portion of profits to reptile conservation projects for Endangered and Critically Endangered species.

...Mother Of Reptiles LLC's ultimate goal is responsible captive breeding, conservation of threatened species, and to encourage improvement to the overall husbandry of reptiles in captivity. We recognize the importance of conservation through commercialization and are working to expand our endangered and critically endangered reptile breeding groups. 


Captive bred animals help to lessen the demand of wild caught, decreasing the number of wild animals removed from the natural environment which reduces in-transit fatalities and maintains the ecosystem of the native area. Captive bred animals are less likely to have parasites and typically are of better health overall.

Our future breeding projects include:

  • Quince Monitor (Varanus Melinus) - Endangered Species (IUCN Red List EN)

  • Lesser Antillean Iguana (Iguana Delicatissima) - Critically Endangered (IUCN Red List CR)

  • Grand Cayman Blue Iguana Hybrids (Cyclura Lewisi x Cyclura Nubila) - Endangered Species (IUCN Red List EN)

  • Mandarin Ratsnake (Euprepiophis mandarinus) - Not Endangered but unusual in the US

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