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M.O.R. Bee Pollen Granules

Why Bee Pollen?

You might have heard bee pollen being referred to as a Super Food. These tiny granules are packed with over 200 amino acids, lipids (triglycerides, phospholipids), vitamins, macro- and micronutrients, and flavonoids which may be lacking in your reptile's diet. 

Who Eats Bee Pollen?

M.O.R. Bee Pollen Granules are human-grade, ensuring that the food is safe even for reptiles. While many people eat bee pollen, please note that M.O.R. Bee Pollen Granules are made for reptile consumption only.


Herbivore and omnivore animals ingest pollen while eating greenery and flowers from plants in their wild diets.

To substitute this part of the wild diet, shake a small amount of M.O.R. Bee Pollen granules over your reptile's meal. Bee pollen helps to encourage reptiles to eat more greens and works as a great reward when working to socialize and build trust with your animal.

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