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M.O.R. Collector Charms & Pendants

Did you know that just about anyone can help with reptile conservation, not just zoos?

Many endangered and critically endangered reptiles are now being captive bred within the US by private, hobbiest keepers which helps to bring awareness to the species and helps to boost the global population if breeding.

If keeping reptiles are not in the cards for you, you can still actively support by donations or purchases which financially support these incredible animals.

Mother Of Reptiles is excited to introduce our Limited Edition M.O.R. Collector Charms & Pendants!

Each piece is handmade by the indigenous M.O.R. owner, has a unique serial number, comes with a species info card for the item you select and a certificate of authenticity for indigenous-produced jewelry.

Like animals in nature, M.O.R. Collector Charms & Pendants are one of a kind and vary in appearance. 
Due to this variation, each piece is photographed and listed as WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) meaning the piece you see here and select for purchase is the exact item you will receive.

Custom orders are welcome! Please email us to inquire -

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