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  • Where can I get M.O.R. Wholeprey products?
    M.O.R. Wholeprey products are currently available for online orders with delivery to the contiguous US (lower 48 states) and in-store at select Detroit area pet stores. Find us at Raising Reptiles in Chesterfield, MI! 46916 Gratiot Ave Chesterfield, MI 48051 (586)787-1008 If you are interested in a special order(size/quantity of sausage not listed - example: bulk orders), please contact
  • What ingredients are in Mother Of Reptiles(M.O.R.) Sausages and Grinds?
    M.O.R. Wholeprey Sausages and Grinds are minimally processed and made from ground wholeprey, either stuffed in natural sheep casing or served in a convenient cup. Wholeprey means the WHOLE animal is ground and used. Every mix contains meat, bones, and organs. Our ingredients come from licensed suppliers to ensure a high-quality, consistent product.
  • Who owns Mother Of Reptiles LLC?
    Mother Of Reptiles LLC is owned and operated by a female Indigenous member of the Sovereign Nation, Little River Band of Ottawa Indians, whose reservation is located in Manistee, Michigan, USA. The Anishinaabe territory extends throughout Michigan, Wisconsin, and reaching into Canada. The operation of Mother of Reptiles LLC is based on our Anishinaabe Seven Grandfather Teachings - Love (Zaagidwein) - Humility (Dibadendizwin) - Bravery (Aakadewin) - Honesty (Giwekwaadiziwin) - Respect (Minaadwndmowin) - Wisdom (Nibwaakaawin) - Truth (Debwewin) If you have any cultural questions or are curious to hear more of the Anishinaabek (Anishinaabe people), feel free to send a message through email or social media.
  • Why are M.O.R. Wholeprey products so expensive?
    To put it simply - supplies are expensive, transport costs are expensive, and maintaining high quality is expensive. Our goal here at Mother of Reptiles LLC is to provide a high-quality nutrition source which can be kept easier and fresher, for longer in the freezer. Quality is by far our most important focus. That being said, we do strive to make this product more obtainable to individuals who might not have the accessibility to high-quality ingredients. There is NO MINIMUM ORDER REQUIREMENT, even when shipping frozen items. This allows more variety without having to buy a large quantity before knowing if your animal will accept it. The animals deserve to live their best lives and M.O.R. strives to help the keeper achieve that.
  • What animals can eat M.O.R. Wholeprey Sausages and Grinds?
    Any species where the diet includes birds or rodents. Examples of species which could benefit: -> Varanus genus - young monitor lizards - larger monitors to change up the diet or for socializing exercises - savannah monitors (only should be used as a supplement - keep in mind, savannahs are mostly insectivores) -> Tegus -> Skinks -> Colubrids -> Turtles -> Rock Iguana Species (occasional - opportunistic species) -> Any Ominovore or Carnivorous Reptile Remember, a quality diet variety is the key to healthy animals. Additional food types should also be included, depending on the species you keep. Mother of Reptiles LLC is actively working in Research and Development projects to improve and expand the products offered. If you have an idea, feel free to contact us at
  • How do I re-seal the packaging?
    Each package of M.O.R. Wholeprey Sausages has a zip seal with a valve to re-vacuum the pack. Handheld vacuum sealers can be used, with many brands being available. Some larger vacuum sealer machines may offer the attachment.
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