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A Diversified Approach to Reptile Nutrition

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Mother Of Reptiles (M.O.R.) is a minority-owned small business focusing in making high-quality reptile food products easier and more accessible to reptile keepers in the USA.

M.O.R. also creates merchandise for those who may not keep reptiles but who still want to support the on-going evolution in the improvements to reptile nutrition and care! Profits from our non-reptile food items help to fund research and development projects here at M.O.R.


Interested in diversifying your reptile's diet with unique, high-quality wholeprey(meat/bones/organs) options? 

M.O.R. Wholeprey Sausages are available now in approx. 12 gram links, 30 gram links,

and cups (LG 90g, SM 45g).

See the specific product for ordering information.


Love Monitor Lizards? Check out our M.O.R. Varanus product line.

M.O.R. Cyclura is for our Rock Iguana friends.


M.O.R. Iguana - focused in the less familiar (and critically endangered) species,

Lesser Antillean Iguanas!


Wholeprey Sausages
Quail Eggs

M.O.R. Products

M.O.R. Deals

Here, you will find our current deals and ways for you to save! Check back often for changes and to receive notifications, be sure to sign up for the Mother of Reptiles email subscription.

Buy 2, Get 1 FREE!
M.O.R. Wholeprey Products

 Signature Blend, Rabbit, Muskrat, Turkey, Duck or Beaver
Cup or Sausages

Promo Code: NIIBIN

Expires July 31, 2024

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Donate today through Paypal to help conservation efforts for Endangered and Critically Endangered species. All donations are distributed to nonprofits working towards the education and conservation of various reptile species.
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